Take Back Albany, NY

5 Ways You Can Help Stop the NDAA in Albany, NY

1. Urge the sponsors to issue a public statement.

We must ensure, when push comes to shove, these council members will vote YES on the resolution. Pick 2, contact them, thank them for cosponsoring this resolution, and ask them to issue a public statement of support. We'll update this as the statements come in. 

Sample of what to say: 

"Hello Councilman ________________, this is _______________. Thank you for standing up for the civil rights of all people in Albany, and cosponsoring Councilman Anton Konev's resolution against the NDAA. I urge you to issue a public statement of support for this resolution, would you be willing to do so?"

Name Support Email Phone Public Statement?
11th Ward Councilman Anton Konev Main Sponsor Konevforcouncil@gmail.com   Yes
1st Ward Councilman Dominick Calsolaro Cosponsor Dcalsolaro@nycap.rr.com 518-859-5219 No
2nd Wards Councilman Lester Freeman Cosponsor Friends4freeman@yahoo.com 518-577-4879  
3rd Ward Councilman Ronald Bailey Cosponsor Ronald.bailey47@yahoo.com 518-300-8797 No
4th Ward Councilwoman Barbara Smith Cosponsor BarbaraSmith4@aol.com 518-436-1279 No
5th Ward Councilwoman Jackie Jenkins-Cox Cosponsor jjenkinscox@yahoo.com 518-605-9844 No
9th Ward Councilman Jim Sano Cosponsor Jsano15@aol.com 518-438-4631 No
15th Ward Councilman Frank Commisso Cosponsor commisso.frank@gmail.com 518-429-8089 No


2. Urge undecided members to vote YES on the resolution, and issue a public statement.

We only need ONE more vote to get this passed. These Council members are UNDECIDED. Please contact them and politely URGE their support for the resolution.

Sample of what to say:

"Hello Councilman ______________, this is  __________. I wanted to call/email and urge your support for Councilman Konev's resolution to protect the rights of the people of Albany. Thank you for voting YES for civil rights. "

6th Ward Councilman Richard Conti – President Pro Tempore Undecided Rc6thward@aol.com 518-436-8546
7th Ward Councilwoman Cathy Fahey Leaning Yes cathyfahey7@yahoo.com 518-482-6159
8th Ward Councilman John Rozensweig Undecided Rosenzweig8@nycap.rr.com 518-482-6883
10th Ward Councilwoman Leah Golby Voting Yes Leah.golby@gmail.com 518-209-1244
12th Ward Councilman Michael O'Brien Leaning No twelfthward@aol.com 518-482-1160
    OR 2nd Ph#: 518-221-1160  
13th Ward Councilman Dan Herring – Majority Leader Leaning No danherring47@hotmail.com 518-438-7527
14th Ward Councilman Joe Igoe Leaning No Jigoe19932@aol.com 518-489-3014


3. Physically attend the October 7th Council Meeting.

The Albany Common Council will vote on this resolution, number 80.92.13, on Monday, October 7th, at the Albany, NY City Hall. We need to flood that building. We already have over 20 activists ready to attend, and we expect many more. 

If you are in the Albany area, mark your calendars, and bring a strong show of support. Show America what the grasroots can do:

Monday, October 7th  @ 7pm

24 Eagle St., City Hall, Albany, NY,

2nd Floor Council Chamber.

4. Spread the message. #TakeBackAlbany

Share this action page throughout social media. Post a facebook status or a tweet. Put up your own, short, YouTube video supporting the #takebackalbany campaign, and send it to us. Send your friends to this page, and spread the word about this movement any way you can. 


5. Chip in $5, $10, or $20 to keep this campaign going.

With less than $2,500 in the bank, PANDA went from a twitter account to the largest Anti-NDAA movement in the country. Your continued support keeps us going, from Vegas to New York to LA, so we can restore this nation to Constitutional governance.

Donate today: https://alternetmedia.com/panda/donate.php


Bonus: As an organization, endorse the Resolution:

If you are on the board, run, or can influence organizations, you can make an even bigger impact. Download this sample letter, modify it for your needs, and endorse Councilman Konev's resolution as an organization. This has a powerful impact on the council's vote, and we aim to get over 50 organizations to endorse the resolution. Current endorsements are listed below:

People Against the NDAA
Project SALAM
Young Americans for Liberty at Georgia Perimiter College
NY Liberty Radio
Freethought Radio
San Diego Libertarian Party
Free Encinitas
PANDA West Virginia
Occupy Albany Civil Liberties Initiative
PANDA Maryland
PANDA Hawaii
Young Americans for Liberty at Albany College
Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Women Against War
Upper Hudson Peace Action

Together, we can win this. Together, we can change the world. Together, we can secure our Republic…one city at a time. With only one more vote needed, we can defeat the NDAA at the heart of tyranny itself, and send a message to the leaders of our nation that We the People…are taking it back.