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Promotional Material:

Black and White Flyer

Color Flyer

Recruitment Cards

The PANDA Strategy

Black and White Business Cards


Organizing Petition

Join Us Form


Endorsement Letter Template for Businesses

Template Letter to Sheriffs on NDAA

Hard Facts:

NDAA for Beginners

H.R. 1540 National Defense Authorization Act 2012 Full Text

Sections 1021 and 1022

NDAA Presentation

Who is a terrorist?

The 2010 Laws of War

Serious Backup:

Military Takes Stand Against NDAA

How to Respond to a Public Official’s Misconceptions on the NDAA

How to Respond to a Public Official’s Misconceptions on the NDAA (2)

Guantanamo Forever?: Retired 4-Star Generals Urge Obama to Veto 2012 NDAA

Beyond Guantanamo: Three Retired Judges Slam 2012 NDAA


Sample City Resolution

Sample County Resolution

Sample Sheriff’s Resolution

The NDAA Lawsuit:

NDAA Ruled Unconstitutional

Government Defies Federal Judge on the NDAA

Government Official Response to Judge Forrest

Judge Forrest’s Clarification

First Government Appeal

Judge Forrest’s Permanent Injunction

Judge Forrest’s Permanent Injunction (Markup)

Appeals Court Indefinitely Detains NDAA ruling


Center for Constitutional Rights NDAA Report

Protest Materials List

Rules for Protesting

2013 NDAA House Armed Services Report

PANDA Response to the HASC NDAA 2013 Report

Detention of Enemy Belligerents