All the resources you need to fight the NDAA, restore liberty, and protect civil rights in your community.

Action Kit
A grassroots activism toolbox. It includes Promotional Material, Hard Facts, Serious Backup, Sample Legislation and other materials you might find useful in restoring liberty to your community.

Who is a Terrorist?
Depends on who you ask. According to the U.S. Government, someone that is “reverent of individual liberty”, “suspicious of centralized federal authority”, “pays with cash”, “travel illogical distances”, “stockpile food” and any or all of the above (including over 200 other clues) is a suspected terrorist. Here are the documents to prove it.
Anti-NDAA Legislation Tracking
Tracking the fight against the NDAA around the country. Resolutions in progress, completed resolutions and ordinances, and statewide interposition.
Sample Legislation
Sample Anti-NDAA legislation to use in any State or Local Government, including resolutions for Peace Officers.
Tools for Peace Officers
The resources on this page will assist you with approaching your local law enforcement on the dangers of the 2012 NDAA, and give officers the tools and knowledge necessary to defend the rights of their citizens.
Tools for Legislators
The resources on this page will assist you in contacting your local and state legislators and provide current lawmakers with the tools, resources, and expertise, everything from sample legislation to professional assistance, to help restore Constitutional Governance in their jurisdiction.