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  • Defeat the NDAA in 12 cities and counties by December 31st, 2014 58.3% 58.3%


Our number one goal is to defeat the NDAA, at the local level, in every community across America.

Please post what you’re doing to defeat the NDAA below.

The current goal is 12 cities/counties by December 31st, 2014. We currently have 7/12. 

What have YOU done to resist the NDAA? Post it below in the resist feed. Did you get a law passed? Change your Facebook picture? Hold a small protest? Videotape your congressman? Write a letter to the editor/post about the NDAA? Complete the 10 week challenge? Anything to forward to the resistance? Post it here, and you could inspire hundreds of others to do the same. Get stuck or have a comment? You can ask any of the experts hanging around on this chat.

Once a week, you can do something to push back against tyranny. It’s YOUR liberty. What did YOU do to fight for it? (please keep actions to #NDAAResistance only, no other issues. Thanks!)

Not sure what to do? Find 27+ easy ways to beat the NDAA here.

P.S. Have a website? Embed this feed in your website HERE and help it spread!


Stop the NDAA


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