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27+ Ways to Resist the NDAA

You know what the danger is. (If you don’t, check this out) How do we push back?

All at once. Here are 27 ideas to resist the NDAA with. When you take action, be sure to tell us in the ResistFeed!

27+ Ways You Can Beat the NDAA
  •          Why do you care? Make a public statement (post on your website, blog, facebook, or tweet about the #NDAAResistance)
  •          Paper petition (get signatures from friends and family, and send a copy to PANDA, P.O. Box 653, Bowling Green, OH 43402. This will help you pressure your local politicians.)
  •          Print Flyers (post 5 or 10 flyers in your neighborhood, take pictures, and post them online for others to copy)
  •          Hold a small protest (three friends + a sign + a videocamera = awesome. Send the video to press@alternetmedia.com/panda and we’ll publish it!)
  •          Call in to a radio/tv show (2 minutes could educate a thousand people)
  •          Do a short YouTube video (get a friend, do it by yourself, or rent a studio. Here are 5 examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 That’s how we got started.)
  •          Create an image/meme, and spread it. (Or try these)
  •          Create a song/piece of art, or parody an existing one to spread the Resistance.
  •          Change your profile picture on facebook/twitter to catch your friend’s attention (grab one here, or make your own)
  •          Follow your “favorite” politician with a videocamera and get them to say something stupid about the NDAA, then send it to us and we’ll take it viral. Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFh0nIYNAyY)
  •          Follow PANDA on twitter and facebook to get the most recent Resistance news
  •          Connect and friend other people in the Resistance
  •          Speak at a city council meeting (bring a friend to record it!) Examples here, here, here, here, here, here, and here (you can find meeting schedules for city council online, usually you can speak for three minutes).
  •          Have a moment of silence, and say why (shutting down facebook/twitter/website/actual speech for a day. Unique way to draw attention to the NDAA)
  •          Put something on your car (a sticker, spray paint, or window paint can make your car into a rolling billboard)
  •          Donate $5 a month (Help us keep our servers online, and produce more pamphlets)
  •          Do a quick podcast on the NDAA (www.podbean.com/ is a great place to start)
  •          Get a couple tshirts (perhaps that say “what is the NDAA?“) and wear them around town.
  •          Attend a local fair with flyers, or a petition, and educate fairgoers on the NDAA.
  •          Attend a local fair/event with a “Free Speech Wall” (whiteboard with markers works great), and then educate attendees on how the NDAA stifles free speech in a fun way.
  •          Shame your congressman (post on your congressman’s facebook/twitter and ask them why they voted for the NDAA)
  •          Talk to a candidate running for office in your town about the NDAA.
  • Stand on a street corner and hand out NDAA cards, take a selfie and send it to us
  •          Set up a facebook page/twitter account (share information about the NDAA in an easy way “Miami NDAA Resistance” or Stop NDAA Now are great examples.. Give us a heads-up and we’ll promote it.)
  •          Post a picture of you with a sign on why you’re part of the resistance (you’ve seen these before, create one yourself)
  •          Start a website (If you’re feeling really ambitious, start your own website or group to fight the NDAA online, or take over Google.)
  •          Take back your town (if you’re really ready to step up, go to alternetmedia.com/panda/takeback and start taking back your city, to make a real, lasting change.)
  •          Come chat with us! Everything you post on the resist feed can inspire others to do the same, creating a swarm politicians can’t ignore.
  •          Print out this guide, and give it to a friend to repeat the process.

Together, we are the Resistance. Please post what you’re doing to defeat the NDAA below.

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