Radio/TV Interviews

PANDA has been on several radio shows, including The New American Media, Red Ice Radio, Coast to Coast AM, Liberty Roundtable, Operation Freedom and more. Here are links to the archived shows.


October, 2013:


Peace, Love, Liberty: FPP 47

The Evan/Miller Report: 10-11-13


September, 2013:


The Peter Collins Show: Anti-NDAA Activist Dan Johnson is Making Progress

Resistance Radio: 9-28-13

Scott Horton Show: 9/24/13 Dan Johnson

Lions of Liberty Podcast: Episode 3

Operation Freedom: Operation Freedom w/Dr. Dave Janda

SFPI Radio: Uniting Left and Right to Fight NDAA

Occupy Little Rock Radio: September 7th


August, 2013:


We the People Radio: PANDA People Against the NDAA

SFPI Radio: Ending the NDAA


July, 2013:


Occupy Radio: NDAA Upheld

Storm Clouds Gathering: The Attempted Set Up of Dan Johnson and Stewart Rhodes

The Pete Santilli Show: Episode #480

Storm Clouds Gathering: Ben Swann & Dan Johnson on SCG

Freethought Radio: Ben Swann, Dan Johnson

Press 1 For Democracy: Youth Activists DO SOMETHING!


June, 2013:


Time 4 Hemp: 06/28/13


MAY, 2013:


 Cancel the Cabal (VIDEO): PANDA Founder Dan Johnson

 Resistance Radio: 5-18-13


APRIL, 2013:


 The Smith Fix: The Few and the Brave

 Liberty Roundtable Podcast: 4/9/13

 Liberty Calling: 4/12/13

 Next News Network (VIDEO): 40 States Fighting the NDAA


MARCH, 2013:


AMPAC Radio: March 2, 2013

 Red Ice Radio: People Against the National Defense Authorization Act

 Region 10 Report: Abolishment of the NDAA in 50 States

The Smith Fix: NDAA, Guns, and Prepps

Boiler Room Rado: 3/27/13




Patriot Resistance Radio: In the Doghouse

David Seaman Hour: Critical NDAA Updates

Securing Liberty: The Right to Due Process

Harrisburg Liberty Alliance: Drones and NDAA


JANUARY, 2013:

Survival and Beyond: Dan Johnson on Operation Homeland Liberty

Exis10tial Radio: Show #36

First Contact Radio: Show #187

Liberty Roundtable Podcast: 1/8/13

Late Night in the Midlands: Guest, Dan Johnson

PPJ Radio:Operation Homeland Liberty: Nullifying the NDAA in Michigan

The Pete Santilli Show: The Fight against the NDAA

The Region 10 Report: Special Guest: Dan Johnson

Operation Freedom Radio w/ Dr. Dave Janda: Dan Johnson

Truth Frequency Radio: Santos Bonacci and Sevan

The Vinny Eastwood Show: Dictatorship for America

Silence is Compliance w/ Anthony Antonello: Updates on the NDAA























 Bap Nation Radio: Inside the Terrordome




Operation Freedom w/Dr. Dave Janda: Dan Johnson NDAA

Patriot Resistance Network: In the Dog House

TNAM Radio: Rand Paul NDAA Amendment does nothing at best, Dangerous at Worst

The Eccentric Perspective: American Nightmare Amended?

The Pete Santili Show: Rand Paul Leading us to Slaughter with NDAA

Proof Negative: Real Patriot News – PANDA


OCTOBER, 2012:


Tyranny Watch Radio: Heather Cottner of PANDA

Late Night in the Midlands: People Against the N.D.A.A.

PPJ Radio: PANDA Nullifying the National Defense Authorization Act

Tyranny Watch Radio: Heather Cottner of PANDA




The Continuing Liberty Show: Where Should the Movement Go Next?

Tracy Diaz: Dan Johnson PANDA (People against NDAA)

Truth Frequency Radio: 

The Journalistic Revolution: Ep4P1

Coast to Coast AM: Fighting the NDAA

The New American Media: A Bad Week for Liberty


AUGUST, 2012:


 The New American Media: RNC Trades Ron Paul for Empty Chair!


JULY, 2012:


Tenther Radio: Love America, Hate Her Policies

The Manning Report: NDAA, Kings and Kingdoms

The Power Hour: NDAA and the PANDA Unity March

The Fred Lefebvre Show: Dan Johnson of PANDA


JUNE, 2012:


Truthfinders Network: For the Love of Liberty

Survivalist Network: Dan Johnson of PANDA


MAY, 2012:


Exis10tial Radio: Show #11 FBI, NATO and the NDAA


APRIL, 2012:


 Speaking of America: "Speaking of America" Tonight, Exposing the NDAA.

Paulbot Radio: NDAA 2012 with TMOT

The New American Media: "Agree to Disagree" PANDA to Repeal NDAA


MARCH, 2012:





Liberty Roundtable: Guest: Dan Johnson