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Inform the Public

Inform the public of the dangers the NDAA poses, and how it threatens the very fabric of the U.S Constitution.

Stop the unConstitutional NDAA

Bring basic liberties of due process, trial by jury and right to a lawyer back into U.S. law by blocking the 2012 NDAA.

Increase Political Participation

When Americans are watching what happens in Washington, bureaucrats can’t slip something like the 2012 NDAA under the rug.


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Special thanks to Mike Mayors and POSTMORTAL Design for working on hard and developing our new brand and new national website.

In the past two years we have won battles in counties and states all over the USA, successfully blocking NDAA from infringing on your Constitutionally protected rights to due process. Join us and fight with us this year to win locally to affect change nationally in 2014. United we can defeat enemies of The Constitution both foreign and domestic.

City Council Vote: U.S. Liberty No Business of Coos Bay, Oregon

On Tuesday September 17th 2013, the Mayor and City Council of Coos Bay, Oregon unanimously voted down a resolution not only condemning, but committing city officials to prevent, the possibility of indefinite military detention without trial (on mere suspicion of terrorist affiliations) opened up for Coos Bay residents by the federal government’s passage of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act.

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An (Ir)rational Analysis of the NDAA

The article in anything but. It is riddled with inconsistencies, falls for nearly every myth that exists on the 2012 AND 2013 NDAA, and defends the President of the United States. If there is a top prize for the worst article on the NDAA this year, this one takes the cake…

McCain, Ayotte, Graham Want In on NDAA Lawsuit

The “Traitorous Three” Senators want to have their opinions heard in the NDAA Lawsuit, Hedges v. Obama. We don’t see any harm here, they are the gift that keeps on giving. Anything they say can and will be used against them…

Drone-Proof Clothing?

A New York artist is attempting to develop anti-infrared clothing, called “Stealth Wear.” Could this go mainstream?

PANDA Launches #OpHomelandLiberty in Wood County, OH

On January 3, 2013, PANDA launched Operation Homeland Liberty. The goal of this operation is to stop the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA (National Defense authorization Act) in all 50 states across America by December 31st, 2013…

We’re Back!

We told you in a Facebook post over the holidays that you wouldn’t hear much from us for awhile while we focused on action behind the scenes. Well, now we’re back to keeping you updated on new liberty news.

FBI Spying on OWS

Documents were recently released proving that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was watching several portions of the Occupy Wall Street activist movement…

Congressman Huelskamp Rejects the 2013 NDAA

Come on people! Only one of our elected legislators, Tim Huelskamp, was and is fighting for our Liberty. And when I say that, considering the NDAA, I mean it literally!


Stop the NDAA


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