The Michigan Tenth Amendment Center has been a great partner in organizing the fight for liberty in Michigan. Their director, Shane Trejo, posted this yesterday evening:

From State Senator Tom McMillan: "This bill HB5768 (mine) is up in State Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow at 12:30 on the 4th floor of the Capitol….not sure I'll be able to be there to testify – may be voting on Freedom to Work. And…it'll probably be tough getting into the Capitol building tomorrow…am trying to figure out what to do."


Since he may not be able to be there to speak on behalf of his own legislation, it is important that many patriots show up to speak on why this is so crucial in his place. If you can attend, here is the address:


100 North Capitol Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933


If you can't attend, please call the committee members to make sure our voices are heard either tonight or tomorrow morning. Here are the members of the committee and their contact information:


Rick Jones (R) – (517) 373-3447

Tonya Schuitmaker (R) – (517) 373-0793

Tory Rocca (R) – (517) 373-7315

 Steve Bieda (D) – 517-373-8360

Committee Clerk – (517) 373-5323


Please share this information with anyone who might possibly be interested. We had a big victory with this passing the State House, and we need to remain ever vigilant to ensure that our success continues.



Shane Trejo