In Washington State, the federally-funded predictive cloud-based software PREDPOL will be assisting police departments in Tacoma and Seattle.

PREDPOL utilizes mathematical algorithms based on five years of sociological data on citizens such as criminal behavior and records accessible online to predict future crimes that could be committed by a targeted individual. The ability of the police department to predict crime in real-time has been “successfully tested by officers in the field.” According to the website, PREDPOL “tell law enforcement what is coming.”

Based on PREDPOL, officers can be “briefed at roll call on the highest-probability “hot spots” for that day and devote extra attention to those areas—as much as fifteen minutes every two hours.”

This software is “accessible from any tech device” to generate “actionable predictions”. PREDPOL requires “key card protocols, biometric scanning and round-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance” to access…