The power of Twitter, Facebook and other social media, has been vastly underestimated. Back when we got started, it was just me and a computer. I saw tyranny, and didn't know what else to do. So, I activated a twitter account and started connecting with other "tweeters." It turns out there were hundreds of other people concerned about this law, and it might actually be possible to fight it.

It was from there we launched PANDA. We had some struggles at first, with a defeat at the hands of the Bowling Green, OH City Council, but quickly grew. We are now at over 90 chapters across nearly 40 states.

Now, Twitter and Facebook take the cake again as some of the best tools for activism. On December 14th, we launched a campaign to pressure the Michigan legislature into passing a law, HB 5768, against the NDAA. Activists like AnonBig spread the message on Twitter, while A Sheep No More, 1 Billion Against Indefinite Detention, Recall Every Congressman Who Voted for the NDAA, and ourselves spread it via Facebook.

With hundreds of retweets across Twitter, and over 800 shares on Facebook, this campaign went viral. We had people reporting that staffers were saying "You guys must be really well organized, because we're getting lots of calls." After all this pressure, the Michigan legislature responded.

Even though Tom McMillin's HB 5768 will have to be resubmitted next year, Randy Richardivlle, the Senate Majority Leader, guaranteed it will be "the first item on the agenda" for next year.

We did it. Your thousands of calls and emails made a huge difference in bringing the NDAA one step closer to its knees in Michigan. The power of social media should NEVER be underestimated.