PANDA NDAA Victory Updates

LAS VEGAS – We are pleased to report the the Republican Party of Nevada passed a “Resolution Affirming The Right Of Due Process Of The People,” opposing the detention provisions in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) at their state convention over the weekend. Resolution G109 condemns the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and the law of war, and even calls on the state legislature to take steps to block the aforementioned from being applied in their state.

“Resolved, We request the Nevada Legislature pass a law prohibiting any agency in Nevada from detaining, aiding in the detaining, or subjecting any person to the “law of war” where they are denied their rights to due process under the Nevada and U.S. Constitution”

Though the resolution has no legal weight, and thus some of the language does not hold up to our standards, it adds legitimacy to the NDAA Resistance in that state now that a major party has endorsed their efforts to ban the laws of war in Nevada. Assisted by Shawn Meehan, the resolution was introduced by Daphne “I’m Just a Mom” Lee, who had this to say about its passage:

“I am extremely pleased that our efforts here in Nevada have had an important place in educating the public on this important issue, and am very proud that Republicans across my state chose overwhelmingly to stand together in our fight to protect civil liberties. I would like to especially thank Resolutions Chairman Shawn Meehan and the rest of the resolutions board for helping put forth this important resolution.”

Last year, video of her speech went viral, garnering over 200,000 views online, and leading to a shift in sentiments toward the NDAA Resistance in her state.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is an annual Federal law which typically authorizes funding for the armed forces. However, in 2012, two sections, Section 1021 and 1022, were slipped in. These sections authorize the President of the United States to order the military to detain any person, indefinitely, without charge or trial, and apply the laws of war to U.S. soil.

The Nevada Republican Party bucked the national party’s stance on the NDAA, and copies of this resolution will be sent to every elected Republican in Nevada, furthering the education process necessary to push back against the militarized state.

You can read the full resolution HERE (7th down):

2014 Nevada Republican Party Resolutions Committee Final Report


Dan Johnson is the Founder and National Director of People Against the NDAA. Invite him to speak to your group here: