The flame of liberty is burning ever hotter…

From the Tenth Amendment Center:


Representative Nicholas Schwaderer who worked hard behind the scenes to get a bipartisan group of legislators to cosponsor – 18 republicans and 6 democrats. In presenting the bill on its 2nd reading yesterday, Schwaderer said his motivation to introduce the bill was to get something done, and not just make a statement. 
“I thought, how can we deal with this and not have it be some kind of letter to Santa Claus?” 
He also noted that the bill brought together a wide coalition of support from around the political spectrum. 
"This bill has the coolest spread of sponsors signed on. A lot of people support of the bill that would be opposing each other. I urge a big ole green on this one!"
Through the tireless efforts of national activist groups such as The Tenth Amendment Center, People Against the NDAA, and People's Blog for The Constitution working with local grassroots organizations, states rights issues are receiving the widest  support in nearly a decade. Please visit the aforementioned links to keep up to date on action items and to donate if you are able.
Action to Take in Montana
Next up for HB522 is to be assigned to a committee for consideration in the State Senate. Bills move fast in the short legislative session, so your support is needed right now.
1. Contact your state senator. Strongly, but respectfully, urge him or her to vote YES on HB522. Let them know that you see “indefinite detention” as a direct attack on your liberty and on the Constitution.
Find your state senator here:
The full text of HB522 (.pdf) can be found HERE