BOWLING GREEN – In the past two weeks, two popular figures have come out against the detention provisions of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Conrad the Constitution, an animated series, and rock icon Korn, have both been speaking out against the 2012 NDAA in recent videos. Several smaller artists have also released songs attempting to raise awareness of the law.


In the season finale of Conrad the Constitution, Fox Bros Studios, the animation team behind the series, is destroyed by a drone strike under order of the NDAA. It is fitting that the series, which tracks Conrad through several scenarios where our rights have been violated in today’s society, saves the biggest violation of rights for the final few minutes of its season finale.

Shortly before the season finale of Conrad the Constitution, rock band Korn released a video for their new song “Spike in My Veins,” showcasing how the media manipulates public opinion, while making a strong statement against the National Security Agency (NSA). Shortly afterward, in interviews for both InfoWars and TMZ, Korn frontman Johnathan Davis came out against the NDAA, continually talking about the dangers of a law that allows the President to detain any person he wants, indefinitely, without charge or trial.

Thanks to the efforts of the NDAA resistance, pop culture is starting to educate America about the dangers PANDA has been pointing to for over two years. We are now taking this momentum forward, and striking while the iron is hot. PANDA is co-sponsoring the Free and Equal United We Stand Fest in Los Angeles, CA on May 10th. The UWSF is a one-day event bringing together 10,000 liberty-minded youth, musical artists, and powerful speakers to break the two-party duopoly.

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Not in California? Keeping the momentum moving, we are also launching the Take Back Concert Tour, a three-stop event to raise awareness of the 2012 NDAA, and bring people from across the political spectrum to change the culture against indefinite detention. Help launch the Tour here:

Dan Johnson is the Founder and National Director of People Against the NDAA.