The Southern Poverty Law Center, arguably the foremost hate group in the country, has characterized Constitutionalists as Anti-government radicals, painted those nearly killed in the Ruby Rige massacre as extremists, and called defenders of the 2nd Amendment "right-wing fanatics." The SPLC also directly advises the Department of Homeland Security, a department that is most known for its repeated usurpations of the Constitution.

The SPLC focuses mainly on the idea of "domestic terrorism, even though most instances of domestic terrorism are planned the the FBI. "They have now, predictably, come out to lump the Patriot Movement, Anarcho-Capitalists, and Lew Rockwell together and attack them as one as having "conspiracist malarkey" and "psuedo-legal rhetoric":

"“If you stripped the Patriot movement of its pseudo-legal rhetoric, conspiracist malarkey and allusions to supposed Christian virtue, you’d end up with an ideology much like the one espoused by Stansberry, Casey and their compatriots."