How can we be a nation supporting personal liberty values that allow NDAA, Patriot Act, CISPA, etc… to infringe profoundly on our rights to personal liberty? Bondage isn't a form of security nor freedom.
The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA 2012) seems to allow our military to detain US citizens who are suspected, and I repeat "Suspected" of a terrorist act or suspected of supporting terrorist activities. The detainment can be indefinitely without a fair trial. Has our rights to a fair trial & to face our accuser been forfeited due to the NDAA? Didn't Ben Franklin warn us about sacrificing our freedoms for security because in the end we lose both?
As an AK Libertarian, retired US Air Force veteran, current university professor, small business counselor, and hopefully a member of the US Congress, I would employ both my experiences & knowledge which best represents an independent minded people, and I would be an activist for our personal liberties. In Congress I would listen to both the security experts and our citizens for personal liberty. Yes, I believe we can take measures to ensure both security and liberty but I lean heavily towards personal liberty needs.
I would not support the NDAA law as written and would instead fight for our rights for "Personal Liberty". As a private citizen running for office I don't believe our most dangerous enemy is the Iran extremism, Afghan insurgents, etc… No, I believe our greatest enemies are those who tear us apart as a Nation by trampling on our personal liberties. I believe that most of our present career politicians employ powerful and effective smokescreens blinding us from what is actually happening within our own nation. It’s time to elect citizens willing to represent the people and our American culture of independence.
I wonder, why are some Americans truly willing to give away their God given rights to liberty? I do know this, many Americans are not very good sports when it comes to giving away their sovereignty to self govern. Libertarians, Independents, Liberals, Conservatives, etc… Stand-up with me and scream live free!
Jim McDermott, M.S.
Alaskan Candidate for US Congress