Boosey Bossalina


Recent reports have surfaced that the Department of Homeland Security, The National Weather Service, and Social Security Administration are attempting to and purchasing large amounts of riot gear, bulletproof checkpoints, stop and go lights, and ammunition. 


Most recently, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration purchased 46,000 hollow-point bullets." This purchase order accompanies those from other agencies within the government, who are also purchasing large quantities of ammunition.  The purchase orders for ammunition consist of 750+ million rounds of bullets which include hollow point organ damaging bullets, and wall piercing mag rounds. In a recent article, the Washington Times claims the purchase order for some 46,000 bullets was for "training officers in the NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement.


These bullets are for training? Hollow-point bullets can leave an exit hole the size of a grapefruit.What or who is our Government training its agents to shoot? 


purchase order was uncovered on which includes up to another 750 million rounds of various types of ammunition.  It was “said” in the cover for the order they were to be used for training purposes yet with this amount of ammunition, bullet proof checkpoints, riot shields, painting everyday Americans as terrorists, and working with the Army the government seems to be training for an upcoming Civil War.  


Madison Ruppert of End The Lie posted a YouTube a video called “End of the Line”  claiming that the US government was obsessed with snatching up seemingly all the ammo on Earth to points of absurdity.  He noted that we simply DO NOT have the money to be buying hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition for United States Government Agents to “train” with.


On August 16th the Social Security Administration followed DHS in a huge purchase of over 174,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition. This raises the question: Why would the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Department of Education, Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security need to purchase large quantities of powerful ammo? 


 According to several economists, including Peter Schiff, there is an ever-increasing likelihood of a financial collapse in America. It is a startling conclusion that portions of our government could be planning on turning the guns onto the American People in the event of such a collapse


Hollow point bullets have been Illegal in the international warfare since 1899 according to the Hague Convention.  Yet a previous solicitation made by the DHS in May requests 450 million rounds of different types of ammo, which includes hollow points and .373 wall-penetrating mag rounds. If you've been keeping track, we are now up to 1.2 billion rounds of ammo for DHS alone.This adds to previous orders for riot gear, bulletproof checkpoint booths, stop and go lights, and over 2,700 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles from Navistar Defense.


Neither the Social Security Administration nor NOAA should be buying such large quantities of hollow-point ammunition. This bullet shouldn't even be used for target practice, because a hollow point is 2 to 3 times more expensive than a standard round.


As the Government purchases ammunition stores large enough to prepare for a full scale domestic war, it is also attempting to ban the online sale of ammunition, certain types of weapons, and taking direct action toward banning assault rifles.


The government is stocking up on bullets, weapons, MRAP’s and riot gear. At the same time it is trying to take weapons from the American people. What for? We don’t know, but we must find out before it’s too late.