The Constitution was written to restrain the government and make sure that every citizen was afforded due process of law, a fair trial, and the protection of their natural rights.

The National Defense Authorization act of 2012 codifies into law indefinite military detention without charge or trial. It assures that the executive branch can act with no checks or balances from any other branch of the Federal Government. It is an urgent warning to all of us that we must take our country back by forcing our legislators to act appropriately, or replacing them with those who will. Those who profit from war would gladly seek to make every inch of this earth into a battleground, and every human other than themselves into collateral damage.

It is our duty to ourselves, our families, and our neighbors, to fight this unjust law and restore our executive branch to its proper limitation.  Groups like People Against the National Defense Authorization Act are motivated, organized, and energized and I respect and admire the work that they are doing, and I intend to assist them in their efforts.

Amplify the People,

Jesse Calhoun
Albany, NY Mayoral Candidate