On Thursday, the Kansas House Corrections Committee held a hearing on HB 2161, and came out undecided and sharply divided. Now, one man stands between Federal tyranny and the liberty of Kansas, Committee Chair John Rubin.

Even with tremendous grassroots support, Rubin told the Topeka Capital-Journal "the bill will not likely move forward." However, inside sources at the Tenth Amendment Center said he will change his mind if we pressure him enough. 

Let's bring that pressure, shall we? 

Show Committee Chair John Rubin (R) what the grassroots can do. Flood his inbox, outbox (be sure to ask he contact you back), phone lines, desk, and assistants with calls, letters, and emails!

Chair John Rubin

Phone: 785 296-7690

Email: john.rubin@house.ks.gov

Be sure to tell him to bring HB 2161 through committee!

(Out-of-staters are encouraged to contact him as well, and we find if you don't mention your state the contact has more impact.)