Georgia Principal Screams Terrorism – Email Thread

Our email:


We were reading on WSB-TV that you likened students posting about ignoring the dress code to a “terroristic threat.” Considering the gravity of such an accusation, and knowing you are comparing this to bomb threats and acts of terror committed domestically and abroad, are you prepared to defend that claim?

“Cagle said the principal called the students’ actions terroristic threats. He said the principal was too swift and severe with the punishment.”

We intend on writing an article on this, pending your response.”

Cowan Road Middle’s response:

Eleven Cowan Road Middle School students were suspended pending a tribunal last week for creating conditions that some parents and administrators felt were unsafe. Because of these concerns, some students did not attend school all week. The 11 students were making comments on Facebook that implicated them in a number of activities that would be dangerous and disruptive to school. Law enforcement also notified the school resource officer and followed up with an investigation. The school district concurred with all disciplinary action and set a tribunal. Prior to this district-sanctioned disciplinary hearing, the 11 students had an opportunity to meet with Superintendent Dr. Curtis L. Jones, Jr. Dr. Jones offered the students an opportunity to acknowledge the issues and to write individual, detailed essays that outlines the consequences surrounding their planned activities. All 11 students chose to write the essay and submit to Dr. Jones by Monday, June 16. Those essays will replace any further discipline.

The issue began last Monday when parents brought the Facebook postings to the attention of the school principal. Those parents were concerned for the safety of their own students since fights and other out-of-control behavior in hallways were among the issues identified in the postings. There were also posted threats to “snitches.”
All threats to student and staff safety are taken seriously and appropriate action is taken.

Judy Parker, APR

Communications and Partnerships Department

Griffin-Spalding County School System

214 S. 6th Street

P. O. Drawer N

Griffin, GA 30224