It takes an awful lot of help to preserve civil rights and restore freedom. Here are a few of PANDA’s awesome people helping to make that happen.


Founder – Dan Johnson
National Director – Jason Casella
Chief Operations Officer – Benjamin Selecky
Administrative Assistant – Kathleen Robinson
Speaking Agent – Dennis Rahe
Youth and Campus Coordinator – Andrew Reimer


Brand Advisor – Joe Fioramonti
Law Enforcement Advisor – Keith Singleton
Marketing Advisor – Robert Sawin
Policy Advisor – Tony DeMott


Eastern Internal Comm. Director – Tom Wing
Western Internal Comm. Director – Tina Fiedler


Fundraising Director – Tyler Iden
Merchandising Director – Corey Bollin
Treasurer – Sam Link


Internet Security Tech – Garrett Jewell
Programmer – Michael Ingli
Webmaster – Ted Metz


Press Chief – Raphaelle O’Neil
Art Director/Graphic & Web designer – Joe Fioramonti
Audio Editor – Donny Tsunami
Copy Editor – Chris Johnson
Copy Editor – Tom Alpert
Graphic Designer – Mariea Vox
Graphic Designer – Matthew Silber
PANDA Radio Producer – James Dysart
Social Media Manager – Michelle Segal
Video Editor – Matt Maltese
Writer – Ed Green
Writer – Tina Miller