PANDA Articles


This is a list of articles written about or by PANDA (People Against the NDAA) and our various operations, press releases, on-the-ground events and opinion pieces.

It is by no means a complete list. If you find an article that is not listed here, please contact us.






Just Getting Started


Pennsylvania Constable to Sign Resolution Opposing NDAA and Patriot Act


Government Defies Federal Judge on NDAA


From "ad hominem" to "abusum auctoritate"


Tea Party, Occupy March Against NDAA


PANDA's Fight to End NDAA Once and for All


People Against the NDAA at PAULFest


DNC Rules Raise Danger to Protesters


PANDA to Speak at Clark County, NV GOP


Help Repeal the NDAA – Start a PANDA Chapter


Obama: Detention OK for First Amendment 'activities'


Obama Declares War on the Validity of the American Constitution


A Letter from People Against the NDAA


Military Law is Back


Appeals Court Indefinitely Detains NDAA Ruling


Oakland County, Michigan Defends Constitution Against NDAA


Romney Rep. Peter King: Kill List "Constitutional"


Texas Has Backup Plan for Keeping Feds at Bay


Michigan Counties Continue Fight Against NDAA


Newest Version of NDAA Makes it EASIER to Detain Citizens Indefinitely,_The_Newest_Version_Of_NDAA_Makes_It_EASIER_To_Detain_Citizens_Indefinitely/22836/0/38/38/Y/M.html


Nullifiers Should be "Shot,"  "Hanged"


The Power of Twitter and the NDAA


People Against the NDAA, Tenth Amendment Center, Break Ground in Michigan


Anti-NDAA Bill Introduced in Nevada


National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Of 2013 Still A Threat To Liberty


Operation Homeland Liberty


Aaron Swartz Death: The Best Way to Honor the Reddit Co-Founder is to Keep the Internet Free


County Libertarians plan to address commissioners


Red Alert: Anti-NDAA Legislation in MO


Sunbury PA Citizens to Demand Sunbury City Council Take Action on NDAA


NDAA – You Are The Resistance – Operation Paul Revere


NDAA Opponents Say Security Act unConstitutional


BREAKING: Wyoming to Battle NDAA on Tuesday


NDAA: One Of the Most Dangerous Laws in Over a Century


VICTORY: Wyoming Anti-NDAA Bill passes Committee 6-3, on its way to the House