So, how exactly can we stop the NDAA?

Many people around our great nation are realizing that their rights are being trampled on. When you realize it though, the question often becomes…what next?

We fight back. We the People push back against the Federal government’s encroachment on our rights and liberties. We stop the NDAA in 4 steps:

1.      Educate.

If you’re going to build a house, it’s best to build a big, strong foundation. Educate yourself on  the NDAA, and your local government so you can work smart, not hard. The documents that were provided in the Take Back Packet, along with the PANDA website, are excellent places to start.

2.      Identify

Who can fix the problem, and who will? These two questions are crucial to answer if we are to work effectively. this step, identify your city council, County Commission, and Sheriff. Who is Republican? Democrat? Independent? Who is aggressive? Who is passive? Who votes on legislation and who makes the final decision? You may need to attend a meeting or two, do some internet searches, work with your Mentor or even call your local government to answer these questions.

3.      Build a coalition

Start contacting local groups from the ideological left and right to begin building a broad-based coalition in your area. Refer to the build folder of the Take Back Packet for tips, tricks, and details on building an unbeatable coalition in your area.

4.      Activate

Get out into community events. Hand out flyers. Attend fairs. Write letters to the editor. Take whatever path you need, but get your team active. Start making yourselves a known organization in your community, hold town hall meetings to discuss the issue, and work with your coalition to begin approaching local elected officials.

5.      Find a sponsor

Actively meet with local elected officials to gain a sponsor for the Restoring Constitutional Governance Resolution to protect your community from the NDAA’s detention provisions.

6.      Pass legislation

Bring your coalition together to pass legislation blocking the NDAA from being enforced, through the laws of war, in your city, county, or state.

7.      Go to the enforcers

Take your newly passed legislation to the enforcers of your county and city to educate them on the new law,  ensure they will uphold the Constitution, and affirm they will protect the rights of the people under their jurisdiction.

8.      Be ever vigilant

Currently, a few cities have taken action against the 2012 NDAA and the laws of war. From going the full length and defending their citizens’ civil rights to voicing dissent, there is a growing, but small group of municipalities that are defying the Federal assertion that their jurisdiction is a battlefield. When enough local governments take up the challenge, however, the Federal government will push back. After adequate action has been taken by your local officials, to back them up, create a neighborhood watch to ensure the NDAA will never be used in your backyard and keep an eye on the civil rights of your neighbors.

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

-Thomas Jefferson

PANDA. A Republic..if we can keep it. Join us.