Upcoming Events

July 26th or 27th (Date TBA)

9:00 AM

Michigan Libertarian Party

Flint, MI

 Past Events

8th District 4th of July Picnic

11th Annual Porcupine Festival (Porcfest XI)

Sanctuary Church

Mansfield North Central Tea Party

PANDA Take Back Tour Albany

PANDA Take Back Tour Atlanta

March Against Monsanto Atlanta

PANDA Kodiak Kickoff

United We Stand Fest

Kalamazoo Freedom Symposium

Wood County LP Jefferson Day Dinner

Midland Campaign for Liberty

Michigan Grassroots PowWow

Monterey County Libertarians

Young Americans for Liberty Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Freedom Forum

Santa Cruz Republican Women

Truckee-Tahoe Republican Women

PANDA Nevada

Marietta Tea Party

North Central Ohio Conservatives

Cuyahoga Falls Tea Party

Mansfield North Central Tea Party


Mt. Shasta Republican Women

Redding Tea Party

Yreka Tea Party

Santa Cruz Constitution Protection Zones

North Bay Patriots

CFRW Northern Division Conference


March Against Monsanto

Westlake 9-12 Project


Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Conference

Rally Against Presidential War Crimes

Williamsport Tea Party


Northwest Ohio Conservative Conference


Dan Johnson, Founder, PANDA

Bowling Green, OH


Dan Johnson is 20 years old, founder of People Against the NDAA (PANDA), and a nationally renown writer and speaker. He founded PANDA in January 2012, grew it to the largest Anti-NDAA organization in America, pushing over 18 pieces of state and numerous pieces of local anti-NDAA legislation, then decentralized and created the NDAA Resistance, now a movement thousands strong. Since early 2012, 6 cities and one County have banned the NDAA and the laws of war, with nearly one hundred in progress.

Dan has written for several publications, including the Huffington Post, Policy Mic, Occupy.com, and Western Journalism. He has spoken at PAUL Fest, the Northwest Ohio Conservative Conference, March Against Monsanto, Libertopia, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Convention, and more, and has been interviewed on numerous radio and television shows including Coast to Coast AM, Liberty Roundtable, Red Ice Radio, and RT America.


Invite Dan to speak to your group HERE: https://alternetmedia.com/panda/aboutus/contactus/