We have a chance to get up to 100 Sheriffs to sign legislation to interpose against the NDAA, and protect the rights of their citizens. The annual Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Heartland of America Convention is being held in St Charles, Missouri on May 31st, 2013, and PANDA will be presenting on the dangers of the 2012 NDAA to law enforcement, public officials, and the people of Missouri. Signed on December 31st, 2011, the 2012 NDAA authorizes the indefinite military detention of any person, including American citizens, without charge or trial, and legally makes America a battlefield. It is the most dangerous law since the U.S. Civil War, and violates over 13 provisions of the U.S. Constitution. There will be well over 100 Sheriffs and Peace Officers there, and our goal is to get as many as possible to sign Anti-NDAA legislation vowing to protect their citizens from indefinite military detention, execution, and the application of the laws of war. As the leading organization fighting the 2012 NDAA, with victories in Las Vegas, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and having battled the NDAA in over 20 states nationwide, we have the expertise, experience, and people to make it happen. This could be the biggest break for the liberty movement yet this year. All calculated, it will take $637.50 to get the materials for us to get to the conference, give our presentation, and start bringing the pushback to the Federal government from our boys in blue. It is time for the people to stand and say ENOUGH. Donate today, and help us wake up America’s Peace Officers. America is only a Republic…IF we can keep it. (We will update the counter at the bottom of this page as the donations come in, thank you!)  
Total Required: $637.50
Total Collected: $408.16