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Your backyard is not a battlefield. Join the movement now to stop the NDAA and the laws of war in your city and county.

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Every dollar is used to defend civil liberties, and stop the laws of war, in cities across America. Please consider making a donation of $5, $10, or $20 to restoring liberty.

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Learn how the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act threatens your civil rights, answer common questions, and learn how to take action to stop it in your backyard.

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Our Mission

Inform the Public

Inform the public of the dangers the NDAA poses, and how it threatens the very fabric of the U.S Constitution.

Stop the unConstitutional NDAA

Bring basic liberties of due process, trial by jury and right to a lawyer back into U.S. law by blocking the 2012 NDAA.

Increase Political Participation

When Americans are watching what happens in Washington, bureaucrats can’t slip something like the 2012 NDAA under the rug.


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Let's Reconsider the NDAA

The goal of PANDA is to bring this NDAA to national attention so our greatest minds and top leadership of all ages, particularly of future generations, can decide if this is the country that represents the Bill of Rights or represents the evisceration of those rights under the cover of the “War on Terror”.

City Council Vote: U.S. Liberty No Business of Coos Bay, Oregon

On Tuesday September 17th 2013, the Mayor and City Council of Coos Bay, Oregon unanimously voted down a resolution not only condemning, but committing city officials to prevent, the possibility of indefinite military detention without trial (on mere suspicion of terrorist affiliations) opened up for Coos Bay residents by the federal government’s passage of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act.

The Killing of Qasem Soleiman, and the Most Forgotten Law of 2020

By Johnny Davis, J.D. It may seem like decades ago, since a global pandemic struck and all news of the targeted killing of General Qasem Soleiman disappeared. However, the killing highlights one of the most dangerous laws in American history, a statute never once...

Judge Rules Terrorism Watchlist Violates Constitutional Rights

WASHINGTON — A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that a federal government database that compiles people deemed to be “known or suspected terrorists” violates the rights of American citizens who are on the watchlist, calling into question the constitutionality of a...

Why Indefinite Detention Is Un-American

Governments throughout the vast majority of history have abused individual liberty and ignored basic safeguards like due process and habeas corpus. Stewart Jones June 15th, 2018, marked the 803 anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, a monumental moment for the...

Action Alert: Contact Information For Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee

                                                                                                         Please contact the Senate State Affairs Committee and politely urge they stand for our most basic fundamental human rights and the oath they...

Action Alert: Contact Information For Idaho House of Representatives

Action Alert: Please contact the following Representatives to urge their support for passage of H473  The status of the bill is it passed out of committee and now heads to a full house vote Monday 2/26/18. Your calls and emails will make or break this at this point. ...


Stop the NDAA


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