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Inform the public of the dangers the NDAA poses, and how it threatens the very fabric of the U.S Constitution.

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Bring basic liberties of due process, trial by jury and right to a lawyer back into U.S. law by blocking the 2012 NDAA.

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When Americans are watching what happens in Washington, bureaucrats can’t slip something like the 2012 NDAA under the rug.


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In the past two years we have won battles in counties and states all over the USA, successfully blocking NDAA from infringing on your Constitutionally protected rights to due process. Join us and fight with us this year to win locally to affect change nationally in 2014. United we can defeat enemies of The Constitution both foreign and domestic.

City Council Vote: U.S. Liberty No Business of Coos Bay, Oregon

On Tuesday September 17th 2013, the Mayor and City Council of Coos Bay, Oregon unanimously voted down a resolution not only condemning, but committing city officials to prevent, the possibility of indefinite military detention without trial (on mere suspicion of terrorist affiliations) opened up for Coos Bay residents by the federal government’s passage of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act.

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PANDA Statement on Exposed Chicago Black Site

In the past several days, The Guardian and The Intercept have published explosive reports detailing the alleged detention, torture, and rights violations at Homan Square by the Chicago Police Department.

Who Are the Next Terrorists? Photographers

As we covered last week, terrorism has been so broadly defined, anything from breaking a school dress code to unfurling banners full of glitter, that it holds little meaning for any rational person.

Now, that long list includes photographers.

5 Ways A Freshman Congressman Is Leading the D.C. Resistance

It’s not often that a freshman Congressman makes such a splash in D.C. Though since our founding PANDA has focused on the state and local levels, this young Representative’s name keeps coming across our radar, and for good reason. When it comes to resisting the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), there is no greater champion on the Hill than Michigan Representative Justin Amash. Here are 5 reasons he is leading the NDAA Resistance on Capitol Hill: 1. He regularly speaks out about the NDAA Within days of the Senate vote on the 2012 NDAA, Amash published “The Truth about the New Detainee Policy” in Red State, one of America’s most influential Republican blogs, slamming the Senate’s decision to allow the indefinite military detention of citizens without trial. He gathered a coalition to fight the sections, called out their dangers in town halls, fact-checked the House Armed Service Committee’s “fact sheet” on the detention provisions, and he continues to support amendments to block the NDAA in the House. 2. He introduced the Smith-Amash amendment the year after the 2012 NDAA passed Talk is cheap, particularly in politics. Yet Rep. Amash did more than just talk. Together with Adam Smith (D-WA), Amash introduced the Smith-Amash amendment to repeal the detention provisions in the 2012 NDAA. Though it failed in the House, Amash was able to successfully show that Republicans were complete hypocrites when they talk about Constitutional rights. The amendment failed 237-182. 3. He heralded the Smith-Gibson Amendment in 2013, and Smith-Broun in 2014 Not to be deterred by the failure of his last amendment, Amash supported the identical Smith-Gibson...


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